Ever Thought Of…BINGO and Life!

I remember when I was coaching football, we would have to work fundraisers for the league.  Every Saturday night we would rotate working down at the bingo hall.  I remember that I really didn’t like going there because the room was filled with smoke and I could barely breathe.

It was real funny to watch how intense the people got towards the end of the game.  The anticipation was crazy…and all of a sudden you would hear “BINGO!”  There would be a big sigh that traveled through the room, a few moments of chatter and boom…the next game would start.

Have you ever thought of Bingo and Life?  I mean in some ways they are very similar. In bingo your given a card filled with numbers and you are given a dabber to cover the numbers when you hear them called.  The key is to listen to the caller so you won’t miss your number.  Once you have completed a row ‘BINGO” the game is over.  But your not the only one with a card, the whole room is filled with people that have cards too. No two cards are the same but everyone is hoping to win.  If someone gets bingo before you, they win the prize and the process starts all over again.

You can go to bingo every night for years and never win, but someday when you least expect it “BINGO!” you win.

This reminds me of something that I read;

You made my life short, so brief that the time means nothing to you.    “Human life is but a breath, Psalm 39:5

We disappear like a breath; we last no longer than a faint shadow.

Psalm 144:4

You see, like the Bingo game we don’t know when our number is going to be called, the game can end at anytime.  You can be sitting with someone and in an instant “BINGO” game over, there number is called. One minute they’re playing the game just like you and the next moment they are going up to receive their due.

In life we are given a plan (like the bingo card) and in that plan there’s a journey filled with instructions from the caller (God).  Like in bingo we must hear the instructions of the caller so we can have an opportunity to complete the card. God gives us work to do while we are here on earth and we must hear his instructions so we can know what to do.  And we never know when God will call us to receive our due.

You see at some point the games over and hopefully by that time we can say;

I have brought glory to you here on earth by doing everything you gave me to do. John 17:4

Every day we live gives us less time to live… so what are we going to do with it?

Just a thought…

Childhood Dreams

Remember when you were a kid?  Remember your dreams?  As a kid the sky’s the limit, you can be what ever you want to be.  I remember as a kid I wanted to be a police officer, then I wanted to be a Mariachi musician.  As I got older I wanted to be a rock star…yea, a rock star..lol  All the typical childhood dreams.

What happened?!  As adults do we still dream?  Do we still believe that we can do those things?  I understand that as we get older our dreams and goals become more sensible.  And we begin to discover ourselves and identify our strengths and weaknesses.  But I really feel that at some point we give up and we begin to settle.  I mean think about it, are you doing what your passion is?

There’s this verse that I love;

Delight yourself in the LORD
and he will give you the desires of your heart.                                     Psalm 37:4

That is so beautiful, if we delight ourselves in God then he is true to give us our hearts desires. WOW!

But let’s break it down:

Delight– to give great pleasure, satisfaction, or enjoyment to; please highly:

Okay our first step is to give joy to God, find our joy in him and bring him pleasure.  That’s pretty simple right? I mean all it’s saying is to spend time with God, get to know him and do what he says.  We bring pleasure and joy to God when we are obedient.

So if we do these things that means God will give us the desires of our heart. Right?  But what desires?  Here’s the key;

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

You see God has created us with a unique plan for our lives, and he places that desire in our heart.  Now as we grow, we begin to place our own desires and plans in our heart.  This can cause a lot of confusion and uncertainty.  The key is to recognize which plans are ours and which plans are from God.  It’s not that simple is it?  Or is it?

If we do what this verse says to do, “delight ourselves in the Lord” then we will be able to know God’s will for our lives opposed to our own will.  At birth God places in our heart a purpose, desires, dreams, plans and hope.  In order for theses things to be clearly revealed to us, we must delight ourselves in Him. Then God can give us the desires of our heart.

So delight yourself in the Lord, hang out with him, talk to him, listen to him and he will release his perfect plan for your life. It’s not too late!  As long as you can breathe, you can live. We are never to old to live for the Lord.

Dream big, because your God is big and he wants you to have the desires of your heart.

Think about it…


I was having dinner the other night with some friends and the subject of helping the needy came up.  My friend got real excited as he began to layout this plan to feed the nation.  He started breaking down how our government subsidizes the farmers and how we have silos of grain rotting and going to waste.

I mean he was really into it.  He had carefully thought through everything he needed to do to accomplish his task.  It was pretty intense.  This guy had a plan and a vision.

That reminds me of a scripture;

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.  Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)

Let’s talk about that.  You see if you don’t have vision, or revelation from God then your life will be out of control. If you aren’t in tune with God’s purpose, or his laws then you will spiritually die.  But if you are in tune with God’s vision for your life and with his purpose and you let them guide you, then you will thrive.

You see God has created us to have a vision in life, to have a purpose for life. But it’s his vision for us, not our own.  Do you feel like life is going no-where? Do you feel like your constantly spinning but getting absolutely no-where?

If so, you may want to have your vision checked.  Are you in tune with the leading of the Holy Spirit? Are you listening to the guidance of God?

You see God created us to thrive, to overcome, to be more than conquers.  If those things aren’t happening in your life, then maybe you’re going blind.

How’s your vision?

Ever Thought Of…Weakness and Strength?

Do you know anyone who always has a bad attitude?  Or someone who always has something negative to say?  No matter what’s going on they just aren’t happy.  I know some people like that and no matter what, the conversation always turns south.

Or how about someone who is always tired or weak.  I mean they aren’t sick or anything they just always seem to be overwhelmed with life.

I was wondering about that and suddenly it came to me, there’s this verse that  says;

The joy of the Lord is your strength.       Nehemiah 8:10

Wow!!  How sweet is that?

Have you ever thought about that?  When you are pressed into God and you begin to delight yourself in him, then you begin to experience his joy!  I know for myself, when I’m not focused on God and my focus is on all my stuff, I feel worn out.  I mean literally tired, without energy or strength.  But when my focus is on Jesus, I have a pep in my step, a real strength, I notice that I’m happier and full of life, full of joy.  Wow imagine that!

You see the strength that you need to get through this life comes directly from the joy of the Lord.  Next time you feel sluggish or weak ask yourself this question;

Have I spent time with God lately?  And if the answer is no, then you may want to press into him, because he is faithful to release the joy that gives you strength to thrive in life.

Enjoy life, it’s too short to not to.

Think about it…

The Big Picture!

Remember the last time you went swimming? How did you enter the water?  Did you put your toe in first to check the temperature, or are you the type to jump right in?  I was at a baptism this weekend and it was real cool to watch the people enter the pool, some would move slowly, others got in quick. But one thing was the same, they all went in without much care for the temperature of the water. I mean it could have been freezing and they would have all still went in.  Because every one of them were focused on the big picture.

You see when we’re focused on the big picture we don’t let stuff we go through to get there stop us.  To often we lose  focus of the big picture and we let the stuff along the way kill the vision or the dream. In the case of the people being baptized, they all knew that God wanted them be baptized. So despite the water, despite all the people watching or even being dunked in backwards, they all just jumped in.  Life is too short to stand on the deck and watch everyone swim. What do you have to lose? So worst case scenario you fail.  So what, it’s not the end of the world, just get back up and try again.

Why are we so scared to fail? I mean really, what’s going to happen if we do? We’re not going to die. We need to focus on the big picture. For me the big picture is  life after this life and the work that God  has for me to do while I’m here. It reminds me of a missions trip I took. I was flying with a group of men to Mexico.  One of the men that I was with was scared of flying. With a nervous voice he asked me if I was scared to fly. My reply was “Jesus told me that I was going to Mexico to build a house , so I must be going to Mexico to build a house.”

Here’s why I believed that I was going to Mexico.  Jesus and his disciples were in a boat and Jesus told them that they were going to the other side. As they were sailing Jesus fell asleep and a huge storm hit, the disciples started to panic and they cried out to Jesus, they woke him up and said that they were going to drown, Jesus got up and he calmed the storm, but the interesting part is what Jesus said next, he said,  why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith. (Mark 4:35-40) You see when Jesus says we’re going to the other side, then we are going to the other side. No storm, no person, no circumstance can stop us. With Jesus leading and directing us there is no risk. So next time the storms of life come, remember, we’re going to the other side.  Focus on the big picture and all the stuff along the way will be a piece of cake.